Originally the Bayou Belles served only as a society, and consisted of a small group of Christian, professional women from Acadiana. The organization offered a place of support, networking, and social events. Today Bayou Belles CSO, Inc. serves as a “Grass Roots” non-profit 501 C (3) organization offering an umbrella of charitable services to a variety of the smaller, local charities at no charge. The organization also affords ordinary women in our community the opportunity to participate in extraordinary philanthropic projects, while having fun and developing potential life-long friendships. Bayou Belles will continue its celebration of the Cajun and/or Creole culture while welcoming individuals of all race, religion, culture and age to join us in our charitable efforts.

The members of the organization participate in a variety of smaller fundraisers throughout the year. There are two large fundraisers per year  benefiting our “Charity of the Year”. The first event being our “Annual Charity Gala” orchestrated by the Bayou Belles, and the second event is the “Huge Hug for Charity” put on by the Petite Belles and Beaux.

We look forward to receiving written requests from other qualifying charities each year during the month of December.

Common Louisiana Terms:

Cajun – Descendants of the early French settlers from Nova Scotia, Canada who settled in the area near present day Lafayette, La.; Joseph Broussard led the first group of 200 Acadians to arrive in Louisiana in 1765 and settled in the region of St. Martinsville, La. In 1980 Cajuns were officially recognized by the U.S. government as a national ethnic group based on having their own language, music, food, and culture.

Creole – A broad cultural group of persons of mixed French with Spanish and/or African American and/or Native American descent speaking a dialect of French and/or Spanish with a distinct culture, surrounding language, food, religion, and festivals (esp. Mardi Gras); Louisiana Creole culture has roots in New Orleans, whereas Cajuns are rooted near Lafayette, La; Creole is also used to note those of a similar ancestry from the Caribbean islands and Africa with French ancestry and a distinct French based language or patois.

French Creole – Term reserved for Louisiana born people of French descent, who spoke French as their primary language and practiced Catholicism.

Bayou – Small low lying stream; Home of the crawfish

Bayou Country – Having to do with Louisiana

Belle – French for a girl or woman who possesses charm, inner beauty, and elegance

Cajun French and French Creole are two different French dialects spoken in S/SW Louisiana.



BBCSO, Inc. serves as an umbrella of support so to speak for a variety of the smaller non-profit organizations and/or qualifying charitable causes. Our services may include, but is not limited to public awareness events, charity fundraising, group volunteer manpower, and a philanthropic youth mentoring program called Petite Belles and Beaux.

The Board of Directors meet annually in July to review applications and make a decision on the next “Charity Of The Year”. If you represent a local non-profit organization or an individual charitable cause and would like to be considered for Bayou Belles CSO, Inc. services contact us to fill out an application for consideration.

In our efforts to improve the basic quality of life for our children in Texas, and to break cycles of under-achievement within families due to low income limitations we may also in the distant future provide tutoring services via a Non-Profit Early Literacy Intervention Center to preschool age children.

Bayou Belles CSO, Inc. selects one charitable cause per year to offer the above mentioned services. Any deserving local non-profit and/or charitable cause requesting BBCSO, Inc. services must do so in writing by the last day of June. A determination for “Charity of the Year” will be made after discussion with the entire body of BBCSO, Inc. members, but the final decision will be that of the Board of Directors. The selected charity will be announced during the July Monthly meeting.

The charity to be highlighted from July “2009-2010” is Texas EquuSearch, and the decision to continue BBCSO support of this (TES) non-profit organization through June “2011” has also been decided. We do not charge the “Charity of the Year“ for our assistance. The Belles actually find it a honor to provide fundraising services to such a wonderful organization as Texas EquuSearch.

BBCSO, Inc. raised funds for Texas Equusearch a third year in “2012” , and then voted to host a charity gala for Pediatric Cancer. On October “2013” BBCSO hosted their Forth Charity Gala beneffiting “Baby Arian” a 9month old with ALL-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

“2014” the members have voted to raise fund for Victims of Child Abuse & Children Trafficking.

“2015” we raised funds for KSBJ-NGEN Radio hoping to encourage our youth in a positive way via Christian Music they understand and can relate to.

“2016” members have selected FOCA-Faces of Child Abuse as our charity of the year.

“2017” Texas EquuSearch was the Charity of the Year.

“2018” Boysville Emergency Children’s Shelter.

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