Petite Belles & Beaux – Philanthropic and Leadership Youth Program

The Petite Belles and Beaux program provides young children (6yrs-13yrs) an opportunity to gain and track their community service hours. The Petite program is currently limited to BBCSO, Inc. members in efforts to limit liability, and maintain it’s original premise. The youth are involved in philanthropic projects, fundraising, and community service activities. The mentors are actually BBCSO, Inc. parents leading by example, thus guiding their own children toward greatness. The Petites will develop social grace/manner, improve problem solving skills, and strive to be active leaders in their communities.

The program will end it’s year of service with a “Annual Awards Banquet“.

As the program expands and continue to develop the Petite Belles & Beaux will participate in a variety of fun and educational summer activities. They will also experience cultural events and large group family fieldtrips, while developing life long friendships with children of like-mind and heart.

Sample of Petite Summer Events:

A Day In The Life” – Physician, Attorney, Political, Educator, Firefighter, Police Officer (tours/guest speakers)

Did You Know” – HEB tour of nutrition (etc.)

I’m Perfectly Me!” – Self-Respect, Leadership, Accountability, Community Involvement, Spiritual Strengthening, Social Skills, and Public Speaking/Debate

Charitable Hearts” – Retirement Centers, Hospital Lobby Performances, Age Appropriate Fundraisers, and Annual Awards Ceremony

Official Petite Team Song:

Any adult/s participating and/or volunteering with the youth mentor program must undergo an extensive criminal background check.

Junior Mentor Program serves as a platform for local teen ages (14-18 years)who are interested in earning and tracking their community service hours. BBCSO, Inc. will partner with a variety of local, reputable child focused organization to provide age appropriate community service opportunities for our teens. Acceptance into the Junior Mentor Program is based on the following requirements (L. A. C. I) (Letters of Recommendation, Academics, Conduct, and Interview with both of the “Petite Belles & Beaux” program Directors). Jr. Mentors are not members of the Petite Belles & Beaux Program. They volunteer as assistants to the Petite Directors, and also serve as mentors to the 6yrs – 13yrs group, while preparing for their Jr. Cotillion.


Sarah Auzenne – Executive Director

Deanna Keene – Petite Director (6-9 years) – 15 years experience as a first grade teacher

Audra Parteé – Petite Director (10-13 years) – K.I.S.D Jr. High Counselor

Lucia Bayliss – Assistant to Directors – K.I.S.D / Second Grade Bilingual Teacher